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Born from the idea of doing dabkeh (a type of folk dance/music known in the Levant) without knowing how to play it too well, Wassim Halal and Gregory Dargent decided to rely on their lack of technical knowledge and on the great talent of Gabriel Valtchev and Mathieu Pelletier to diffract its sounds while amplifying the frenzy of its dance. On stage, they experiment with what leads to a perilous imbalance, juggling between shaky synth, polyrhythmic pounding and controlled oriental improvisation. If the chances of a diplomatic outcome are slim, the experience should nevertheless be revolutionary and unprecedented.


Wassim Halal & Grégory Dargent - synth & fx

Gabriel Valtchev - drums & rototoms

Mathieu Pelletier - sound & live fx


booking -

photo @Patrick Lambin

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