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Auditive Connection

Auditive Connection, ou la recherche des origines du langage parlé, chanté, joué, gratté, frotté, frappé, crié, saturé, muet.

Jeanne Barbieri - chant

Gregory Dargent - guitare électrique

Anil Eraslan - violoncelle, direction

Frédéric Guerrin - batterie 

Since 2009, Auditive Connection’s music combines a groovy rock energy and subtle sound layers with written forms and spontaneous explorations. The quartet’s musical directions are multiple, following the rich and varied influences between the old avant-garde scene and today’s creative music, as well as the poetry of S. Beckett, P. Eluard and J. Kerouac.

The songs are characterized by unexpected turns where melodies bifurcate the energy from polyrhythmic sections to sober unisons. Voice and cello perform beyond what they are and their expressive possibilities. They blend and merge with electric guitar and drums to create a labyrinth of sound. The soundscapes are elaborated in duo and trio before combining with all voices. 
Alternating poems in different languages with abstract and imaginary texts leaves space for a free imagination. The voice re-explores these texts and their sounds with a fragile sense of place.
Auditive Connection is selected for a one year tour in France «JazzMigration 2015» organized by Assosication Jazzé Croisé. Their first E.P. is released in January 2015. 

"Auditive Connection; a sensory experience. Their music is questioning, complex and beautiful - a fragile and agile harmony.» - DNA journal review, France



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