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Electric guitarist and oud player, composer, director, photographer, he cultivates his musical and identity schizophrenia through improvised music, Tuareg trance, jazz, Turkish maqam, minimalist music, pop, African American worksongs or the French song.


From the Hijâz'Car to Babx, from the Berber singer Houria Aïchi to Camelia Jordana, from the Electrik GEM to Rachid Taha, from the trio H to the mad Sirventés by Manu Théron, from contemporary music to contemporary choreography, from the acoustic ouds to the most nuclear guitars, he directs, accompanies, composes, puzzles out, questions, digs, mistakes, bounces, arranges, orchestrates and tirelessly shares his musical and photographic passions.

Références scéniques

London Jazz festival / Barbican Center (UK)


Berliner Philhamoniker (D)

Le Poisson Rouge NYC (US)

Festival monde Arabe Montreal (CND)

Centre Culturel Sao Paolo (Br)

Paleofestival (Ch)

Vieilles Charrues (F)

Les Suds à Arles (F)

Jazz d'Or Strasbourg & Berlin (F / D)

Maison Batha Fès (Ma)

Cairo Jazz Festival (Eg)

Festival de Maltes (Mt)

Opera d'Izmir (Tr)

Fete de la musique Ekaterinburg (Ru)

Ibn Zeydoun Alger (Dz)

Katara Oud festival (Qa)

French Institutes (WW

Brave festival (Pl)

Ethno Port Festival Poznan (Pl)

Förde Fest (N)

WOMAD Canaria

La Cigale (F)

Théâtre du Rond Point (F)

Institut du Monde Arabe (F)

12 Points Festival (Ir)

Casa da Mùsica (P)

Parco della musica (I)

European Jazz Fest Athens (G)

Okarina Festival Bled (Sl)

La Filature (F)

Babel Med (F)


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