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BABX a.k.a David Babin

Since their meeting in 2005, Babx (David Babin) and Grégory Dargent have collaborated in numerous creations, especially on the 3 very beautiful albums of Babx, Babx, Cristal Ballroom and Drones Personnels on which Gregory Dargent intervenes as guitarist Touches on everything and creates sound environments around the songs of Babx. Under the direction of the latter, Gregory Dargent also recorded 2 albums for Camelia Jordana and the album Initiale, for the singer L.


They create (together with Antoine Montgaudon) the premises of the album Cristal Automatique with the texts of the great poets of the French language, and their deep friendship also leads them to compose in 4 hands the music of the show Noctiluque of the Japanese dancer-choreographer Kaori Ito. They also created in 2012 a repertoire that Babx composed in homage to Nicolas Tesla at the Poisson Rouge (NYC) with the Metropolis Ensemble, a contemporary New York ensemble, and recently, during a musical and poetic happening at the Cernuschi Museum, Duo the creation of a moving work around the painter Sino-American Walasse Ting, creation to be followed in 2018.

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